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Educator activities 2016

Road Safety Week wouldn't be Road Safety Week without the passionate participation of thousands of schools, educators, parents and children! We love to see so many enthusiastic people raising awareness about road safety, with some really creative activities and events. Thank you to everyone who used the Week not just to raise awareness, but also to raise funds for Brake's life-saving work - we will put every penny to good use!

Cassio House at Hessle High School – Hull

CassioHouse2Cassio House at Hessle High School got involved in Road Safety Week by taking on an all-day cycling challenge on Thursday 22 November to raise money for Brake and awareness for the Brake Pledge!

More than 100 students took part in the challenge, cycling a combined total of over 500km and raising more than £400 for Brake. 

Little Darling Childcare – London

LittleDarlingChildcareOur bumper Beep Beep! Day pack was put to good use at Little Darling Childcare in London. The children learned about road signs and traffic lights, and talked about how to cross the road safely.
They donned their aprons to make traffic-light biscuits, took part in some colouring activities and even made a video of themselves singing the 'Driver Song' from one of Brake’s activity cards - take a look at their video!  

St. Andrew's RC Primary School – Dundee

StAndrewsDundeeSt. Andrew's RC Primary School took part in Road Safety Week by holding a number of activities including a bake sale and an outdoor road safety obstacle course, to help raise awareness for road safety issues.
The school was keen to get involved with RSW as a charity, because one of their pupils was recently affected by a road collision in which she was hospitalised.
The school raised £182 for Brake during the Week, and they even got a visit from Zak the Zebra a couple of weeks later to say thank you. 

St Peter's Catholic Primary School – Wirral

IMG 0876

The children and staff at St Peter's Catholic Primary School did some fantastic activities for Road Safety Week. The school held a Beep Beep! Day, where tots made models of cars and learned key words about roads and traffic.
They also decorated the library and classrooms with our Brake Promise posters. And on Wednesday, pupils took the "Save our planet" element of the Brake Promise to heart, and walked, cycled or took public transport to school. 

Lockerbie Academy – Lockerbie, Scotland

LockerbieAcademy2Lockerbie Academy teamed up with Police Scotland to teach the subject of Mechanics through the topic of road safety. They used playmats and light gates to measure instantaneous and average speeds, and how police measure speed. They used reaction timers to discuss sopping distances, 2D playmats to look at velocity, speed and forces in crashes, highlighting importance of crumple zones and other safety features. Police put pupils knowledge to the test by recreating scenarios in the assembly hall and carried out winter safety safety checks at their local supermarket. Resources were used from Mrs Physics website.

Woodgate Primary School – Birmingham

This was the first time Woodgate Primary School got involved with Road Safety Week and they made full use of our free resources. They talked about road safety in assemblies and used our Slow presentation, then challenged children to design their own posters that they put on display in the school.
They alos learned about the different messages of the Brake Pledge and played our brand new interactive games.
They also held a Bright Day and raised £195 for Brake.

Pratts Bottom Primary School – Kent

PrattsBottomPrimaryAt Pratts Bottom Primary School, the Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTA) asked parents and teachers to sign the #brakepledge.
They shared information about the key messages in their newsletter and mailings to parents and made displays at the school. They also got parents who don't do the school drop-off to sign and return the pledge forms, resulting in 61 signatures altogether! Not bad for a school that only has 74 pupils.
They also talked about road safety in their assemblies throughout the Week.

Millfields Community School - London

MillfieldsCommunitySchoolPupils at Millfields Community School made their own bright clothes and accessories as part of their Be Bright, Be Seen awareness day during Road Safety Week.
As well as revisiting the Green Cross Code when crossing the road, looking at cycling carefully and how to use skateboards sensibly, the children
also took part in special assemblies.
A member of Hackney council spoke about the importance of road safety and commended the work of the school's Junior Road Safety Officers.

Saint James' Primary School  – Wigan

saintjames wigan 2At Saint James' Primary School they talked about road safety in assemblies and lessons and made a road safety display in the school.

They included details in the newsletter and challenged children to create road safety posters, which they then put on display in the school to raise awareness to other pupils, staff and parents. 

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School  – Wirral

StJosephsWallaseyBrakePromiseYoungsters at St Joseph's took part in several activities, including a road safety quiz and survey of ways they travel to school. They then used this information to look at safe routes and potential hazards, including ones the children had observed themselves. Pupils also walked to swimming classes at the local leisure centre, taking notes along the way on traffic, bad driver habits and safe places to cross. With help from Brake's resources the children used their new knowledge of road safety to create eye-catching posters that could be used in their community.
The children fed back their findings to the local council's road safety team and displayed their work in the school newsletter to remind parents about the dangers of parking on zig zags and other hazards.

Queensbridge Primary School - East London

QueensbridgePrimarySchoolAt Queensbridge Primary School, the Junior Road Safety Officers launched Road Safety Week with an assembly to promote their Bright Day.
Children were asked to dress as brightly as possible and prizes were given for the brightest individuals and the brightest class.
The children also brought in £1 for the charity and they raised more than £300 to support our work in supporting bereaved and seriously injured road crash victims!

St Comgall’s Primary School - Bangor, NI

StComgallsPrimarySchool edit2As a Sustrans NI School, St Comgall's used Road Safety Week as an extra opportunity to encourage pupils to walk, scoot or cycle to school.
They worked closely with the sustainable transport charity to make sure bikes and scooters were roadworthy before the Week and even got Education Minister Peter Weir involved. Children used their Road Safe Calendars to revist what they need to look out for when out and about on the roads in their town.
They finished the Week with a ‘Ditch the Dark’ day, where all pupils and staff wore bright, neon colours to promote the safety message: "Be Safe, Be Seen".

Kingsclere Primary School - Newbury

KingsclerePrimarySchoolKingsclere Primary School teamed up with local business AWE to talk about road safety. The company was invited to speak at a special assembly and children took part in a quiz to highlight safety messages. The school participates in the Junior Road Safety Officer Scheme, which is supported by Hampshire County Council. The shcool had themed assemblies and activities throughout the week and ran a poster campaign. AWE also gave pupils extra-bright LED flashing armbands.

Marshchapel Primary School - Grimsby

MarshchapelPrimarySchoolYoungsters at Marshchapel Primary School got involved with lots of activities during Road Safety Week. These included an assembly at school and road safety lessons both in school and in the village to spread awareness.
Pupils also went out with  PCSOs to check the speed of motorists passing the school using a hand-held speed camera.
They also got involved with the Pledge by ordering one of our free selfie frames.

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