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Educator and community activities 2015


The children at Larbert Day Nursery in Falkirk enjoyed a whole week filled with activities for Road Safety Week. They were visited by the local lollipop lady, fire brigade and police to learn some road safety basics while engaging with their community. They ran a Beep Beep! Day on the final national event of the year, and enjoyed riding their bikes round the nursery gardens, while fundraising for Brake.

Wirral Council's Road Safety team delivered their educational ‘Arrive Alive’ presentation to 75 primary school children, and their ‘Walkwise’ presentation to over 200 Year 7 pupils in secondary schools. Both presentations were used to deliver important safety messages during Road Safety Week, and were very engaging and well received.

Children at Humpty Dumpty Playgroup in Suffolk dressed brightly for a visit from local police on their Beep Beep! Day. They ran a range of activities using resources and guidance from Brake, including baking traffic light biscuits and playing a ‘stop’ and ‘go’ game with traffic lights, before taking it in turns to sit in the police car.

EarlylearningwithLynnsmLynn Parish of Earlylearningwithlynn used Brake resources to teach road safety basics to children aged 19 months to seven years, before a supervised walk to see different types of pedestrian crossings. Lynn also spread the Road Safety Week message to parents and colleagues at a sensory course, and promoted Brake to fellow childminders and the local family information service run by Warrington Borough Council.

Colyford Community Speed Watch challenged themselves to run seven traffic monitoring sessions, one for every day of Road Safety Week. The watch team aimed to educate drivers on the importance of not risking others’ lives by speeding and driving dangerously, and the importance of keeping the roads safe for everyone.

Fenton Barns Nursery used their Beep Beep! Day to discuss the importance of drivers making sure their cars are safe to be on the road by spreading this message to parents and carers. The children also took it in turns being the lollipop person in the nursery garden, stopping traffic and helping others cross the road safely.

Fingers and Thumbs Care Centre invited the local Road Safety Officer to talk to the children about crossing the road. They dressed up and ran role-playing activities with props, and he read them a story about staying safe on the road. The children learned lots about road safety by taking part in activities from the Beep Beep! resource pack, and really enjoyed their event.

Boarshaw Primary School participated in Beep Beep! activities throughout Road Safety Week, learning about road safety in lots of interesting ways. The children made road safety posters, traffic light cakes, and carried out a survey to find out how people travelled to school. They also dressed up in bright clothes and practised fastening their seatbelts and crossing the road.

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