Educator and community activities 2012

Here are a few of the ways community groups, schools and nuseries got involved in Road Safety Week 2012.

Cults Primary SchoolCults Primary School in Aberdeen involved all pupils in activities and normal lessons were themed on road safety. Children designed posters and banners and created their own road safety dvd, took part in both Beep Beep! and Bright Days and were joined by Brake's mascot Zak the Zebra (see photo, right). They worked with organisations including Total and ConocoPhillips to provide prizes and road safety goodies including hi-viz vests and reflectors for the children.

Mount Pre-School in Huddersfield ran a range of activities throughout the week, including a highway code quiz for parents and an 'obstacle course' for the children to use their ride-on toys to safely negotiate a play road with stop signs, zebra crossings and traffic lights. Local Police Community Support Officers were also visited to explain the importance of wearing seat belts and all the children were given a reflector to put on their coats for their journey to school.

Broadclyst Traffic Group in Devon partnered with the local parish council to promote road safety all week. They put up banners and posters across the village, encouraging drivers to slow down. Children at the local primary school produced a video featuring interviews with police officers and local residents and took part in a speedwatch exercise. Clyst Vale Community College was also visited by Devon & Cornwall police and had a presentation and discussion session on the importance of road safety for teenagers and young drivers.

white cliffWhite Cliffs Primary College for the Arts had a whole day themed on the importance of being bright and being seen (see photo of children on the day, right). It involved presentations from the school’s Junior Road Safety Officers and special classroom activities which helped highlight the importance of staying visible to traffic as the nights draw in.

The event’s organiser, Study Support Manager Penny Walker, underlined why the day was so important: “Despite being a simple premise the lessons learnt are vital to help curb the number of children hurt on the Britain’s roads each year. The children were taught that by wearing reflective clothing a car will be able to see you more clearly, so when heading out after dark the smart choice is to be bright”.

The Fenland Road Safety Campaign group in Cambridgeshire worked closely with Fenland District Council to deliver road safety education sessions with over 1,000 year 11 students across secondary schools in Fenland. Members of the group delivered presentations and interactive classroom sessions that included videos from Brake's 2young2die campaign. They also produced a booklet for students called 'Young Drivers: The Hard Facts', incorporating key messages from the 2young2die campaign.

ysgol glanYsgol-Glan-Conwy teamed up with Conwy Police to run their Bright Day during Road Safety Week (see photo, right). Everyone got involved, with both staff and children donning the most daring and colorful costumes imaginable, and the kids took part in a road safety poster competition.

Eifiona Price Williams, Head of School, said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to promote safety on the roads, especially as the evenings are getting darker. The children and staff had a fantastic day and, and the police were great in helping to organise it and to teach road safety lessons on the day. The children put a lot of thought into their ‘Bright Posters’ for the competition and enjoyed this challenge, producing a variety of posters on the same theme. Hopefully the ‘Bright Day’ will improve safety on the roads at dark in our village especially amongst our pupils.”

Bay Primary School in Bridlington held activities throughout the week, with Junior Road Safety Officers leading the way by encouraging parents to take care parking near the school and running road safety lessons with the younger children. The school also joined a local authority cycling scheme.

Birmingham Children's Hospital hosted a Bright Day competition for all the children at the hospital throughout Road Safety Week 2012. The challenge presented to the children was to colour in road safety posters bearing the slogan ‘Kids Say Slow Down’, with the brightest and best entry being rewarded with a £20 gift voucher. The posters were then displayed in the clinic rooms around the hospital so raise awareness among staff, patients and parents.

Hari Giles, Health promotions Assistant (pictured, right, with children during Road Safety Week) said: ”I spent the mornings in outpatients dressed as a lollipop lady showing children how to cross the zebra crossing I had erected correctly, and gave out road safety stickers to everyone taking part. We had a section on our intranet explaining what we had done and a photograph of myself and the children was circulated,  there was also a link connected to your website offering all further information for those interested in road safety. We also spent two hours talking to members of staff about the importance of road safety and gave out copious amounts of Birmingham walking and cycling maps to ensure the routes taken are only the safest.”

headington nov12Local campaigners in Headlington, Oxfordshire, joined forces with Zak the Zebra (pictured, right) to highlight the increasing volume of traffic in the local area and their concerns for pedestrian safety. The campaigners, including the heads of local schools, community groups and residents associations, sent a letter to their county council leader to call for the installation of new zebra crossings. Children from local schools and nurseries also learned about road safety and dressed as zebras to help draw attention to the issues they face around schools and the need for drivers to take care.

Children at Whitby Heath Primary School in Ellesmere Port left their uniforms at home in favor of their most brightly-coloured clothes, to show support for Road Safety Week. Year 6 junior road safety officers helped to organize the event, delivering informative road safety lesson to the whole school. In total the children helped raised a staggering £415 for the charity, and the local newspaper published an article about the day.

Seven Fields Primary School in Swindon held a Bright Day with children wearing their brightest clothes and making hand-print posters with fluorescent paint which they took home with them. The children also held role-play activities and were visited by their local road safety officers who taught them road safety basics about being safe when walking and cycling. The school had a number of bright t-shirts donated to them which they then sold on to parents to raise funds for Brake.

Thanks to all nurseries, schools, colleges and community groups that took part in Road Safety Week 2012.