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Infant and primary schools get involved in RSW!

Ecton Village Primary School’s Junior Road Safety Officers organised road safety themed events during the Week. A police officer visited, along with the Safety Indication Device (SID) team who worked with the children to test the speed of vehicles driving past the school. The school also held a Bright Day raising money for Brake and a poster competition.

Haimo Primary School held a range of activities throughout Road Safety Week, including making their own 'Kids Say Slow Down!' banners. The children learnt all about crossing the roads safely and dangerous behaviour near roads, then went on a supervised walk in their local community with their hi-viz vests on, to promote road safety to members of the public. 

Tonbridge and Malling Schools. As part of Road Safety Week around 600 pupils across Tonbridge and Malling were asked to stop, look and listen by The Smart Brother Road Safety Show, thanks to new sponsorship from social housing provider Russet Homes. The theatre group visited pupils aged 4 - 11 years at four local schools, and covered a variety of road safety topics using a mixture of juggling, unicycling, circus skills and song. 

St Peter’s C of E Primary School invited a council road safety officer to visit for an afternoon. The officer and teachers led a discussion about the ways the children travel to school (car, bus, and on foot and bicycles) and how to make the journey safer, for example by wearing light clothing when it is dark and crossing roads with care. The children then put on high-vis vests and went on a supervised walk around their community.

Bishop Stamer Primary School had a puppet show from truck drivers at Sainsbury’s Distribution Centre. The drivers swapped their lorries for puppets during the week, to educate young children about crossing roads safely.

St Mary's Junior School held road safety presentations and training, including roadside pedestrian training and cycle training for older children. Road safety notice boards were set up around the school to display road safety information and advice.

Park Mead Primary School gave child pedestrian training to the whole school, and held assemblies highlighting key road safety issues. A police officer came in to give talks to each class about the dangers they face on the road and the realities of road crashes. Throughout the week, poster and colouring competitions were held with a road safety theme.

Yoxall St. Peters Primary School focussed their entire week’s curriculum around road safety. Lessons given to the children covered topics such as crossing the road safely, speed, what a truck driver can see from his cabin, and first aid. Help came from local road safety officers, police, fire officers and a haulage company.

Village Infant School wore their brightest clothes to school on one day during the week as part of a ‘be bright to be seen’ campaign during Road Safety Week. The local road safety team gave an assembly at the school and talked about the importance of wearing bright clothes on the road.

Portessie Primary School’s Junior Road Safety Officers ran a competition to design a logo for fluorescent bibs for the children to wear whilst out on trips and a colouring competition using Brake’s resources.

Hartside Primary School held a Bright Day for Brake and discussed road safety in class. The older pupils put together a road safety assembly for parents and younger children.

Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School made road safety puzzles and learnt about staying safe through role play with puppets. The school lollipop man talked to the children in assembly about road safety.

St Mark’s C of E School had a visit from the local road safety officers who gave a presentation about road safety and took the older children out to do speed checks of traffic going past the school.

Quadring Primary School’s Junior Road Safety Officers did a road safety presentation to children in the reception class, ran a poster competition in school and organised a Bright Day for Brake.

Haytor View Community Primary School incorporated road safety into lots of their lessons. In maths pupils learnt about statistics about which age group are most likely to be injured on roads and in PSHE they learnt about behaving appropriately around roads. There were also whole school assemblies during the week on different road safety topics.

Irlam Endowed Primary School tested the speed of traffic driving past the school and ran a safe cycle programme.  

Stakeford First School held a Bright Day for Brake and everyone came to school in their brightest clothes. The nursery children made bright collages to share with their parents, dressed in bright tabards and practised crossing a mock road in the playground.

Bridgewater Primary School’s Junior Road Safety Officers held a whole school assembly on road safety and ran a competition to design a parking ticket with local police and community safety officers. There was also an assembly on the importance of cycle helmets.

Torryburn Primary School held a road safety competition where pupils could write a poem, song, rap or design a poster on road safety.

The Mead Community Primary School held a whole school assembly looking at appropriate dress when out and about during dark winter nights. Lessons were also held with the local road safety officer.

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