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Early years educators get involved in RSW!

Cuddly Koalas Preschool had a visit from their lollipop lady who talked to them about road safety, made their own lollipop sticks and traffic light biscuits, and went for a walk around the village in their high vis jackets, using the green cross code to cross the road safely.

St. Bede Church of England School’s reception class had a visit from the local Police Community Support Officers who talked to them about road safety. They learned about the Green Cross Code and the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Wyndham Park Nursery held a full week of events. The children at the nursery learnt about holding hands to cross the road, wearing brightly coloured clothes, and using their child seats. They also learnt a road safety song which they sang to Spike the Hedgehog and the local Police Community Support Officer when they came to visit and talk about crossing roads safely.

Dale Street Infant and Nursery School invited their local community police officer and crossing patrol officer to talk to the children about road safety. They also held push-scooter safety training and handed out road safety visi-vests, stickers and wrist bands during the week.

SureStart Austun/Sunnyhil put up road safety displays in their reception area and ran road safety craft activities for the playgroup sessions.

Featherstone Children’s Centre made road signs, traffic light biscuits and model zebra crossings, and played road safety themed games.

St Helens talked about the green cross code and crossing the road safely using zebra crossings. The nursery children went on a walk wearing their high vis jackets.

Little Hands Nursery School invited the local community police to come and talk to the children about road safety, and held road safety activities.

Kiddie Cats Preschool had a visit from their lollipop man who talked to them about crossing the road safely, traffic lights, road signs and pedestrian crossings.

Cortonwood Children’s Centre had visits from their local road safety officer and firemen to talk to them about road safety.

Maytree Nursery and Infant School held assemblies on the theme of road safety.

Ecton Brook Children’s Centre used Brake’s resources to raise awareness of road safety with children and their families. They ran stay and play sessions with resources and leaflets which parents could read and discuss at the session, or take away with them.

Bluebell Wood Children’s Centre held an information morning on road safety for children under 5 and their families.

BusyBees, Walsgrave Hospital dressed up in bright clothes and held a BeepBeep! Day with a range of activities including making traffic light biscuits, colouring activities, and a talk from the local police.

Gorton North Children’s Centre ran Road Safety Week activities in line with their Stay and Play sessions and had information available to parents.

Tree House Children and Family Centre borrowed some play road signs and a pedestrian crossing to practice crossing the road safely.

Culoden Pre School Centre held a range of activities including making their own zebra crossing and acting out how to use it safely. The children also went on a walk to practice what they had learnt, and had a visit from the road crossing patroller.

Terrington St John Preschool had a visit from the local police and the county road safety team. They ran role play activities using toy traffic lights and a zebra crossing. The children also discussed keeping safe near roads during circle time.

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