Companies got involved in RSW10!

Huge thanks to all of the companies who took part in Road Safety Week 2010! A particular thank you to headline sponsor QBE Insurance and additional sponsors FedEx and Recognition Express. Read on to find out what companies did; from Coca-Cola to Microsoft!

QBE sponsored Road Safety Week and ran campaigns to promote the week to its staff, including circulating an interview about road safety with QBE's motor managing director Matthew Crane. QBE also issued news updates to all staff about the week. Staff from QBE’s regional offices held a Bright day for Brake to promote awareness and raise funds for the charity. Motor risk manager Doug Jenkins said: “Road safety is important to QBE and we are pleased to support this campaign and Brake. In our line of work, the effects of dangerous driving are all too apparent. We would urge everyone to think before they drive.”

FedEx sponsored the week and used it to run an internal road safety awareness campaign. Throughout the week FedEx displayed road safety posters at each of its sites and held a Bright day for Brake.

Recognition Express ran a competition for schools across the UK called ‘Design a Road Safety Banner’ on the themes of ‘Kids Say Slow Down’ and ‘20’s Plenty’. There were 1,300 entries and 12 winners, click here to view. Recognition Express presented each winner with a full-size printed banner of their design to display outside their school, plus 300 high visibility drawstring bags for the school. Nigel Toplis said: “Children's visibility is so important and Road Safety Week gives us the perfect opportunity encourage drivers to slow down near schools. The competition was very successful in engaging so many schools.”

The A & A Group Ltd raised £3,000 for Brake by donating £25 for every new or renewed insurance policy throughout Road Safety Week. Steve McPherson said: “We aimed to raise as much money as possible for Brake to help the charity continue its good work in 2011."

Access Legal visited 5,000 children at 30 schools in Northamptonshire to teach them the importance of cycle helmets. The presentations were delivered by a specially-created character called ‘Eggward’, whose fragility demonstrates how cycling helmets offer protection. All pupils who attended the presentations received a certificate, a cycling safety quiz book, and vouchers for 20% off helmets and 10% off cycling safety equipment. Philip Baldwin said: “This is a great opportunity to reiterate a really important safety message that will help keep children safe and hopefully prevent serious injuries in the future.”

Ann's Prams Nursery & Baby Centre coincided its grand re-opening with Road Safety Week and launched a range of high visibility clothing for pre-schoolers. They also gave demonstrations and talks about car seat safety, displayed Road Safety Week posters, and held a collection in aid of Brake.

ARVAL ran different events on different days in partnership with manufacturers and schools, including a safety awareness day with Volvo, a quiz at a secondary school in Dundee in conjunction with Michelin, a risk management workshop about having a 'safety culture' and car park tyre checking for employees. Tracey Scarr said: "We work hard to promote road safety to our staff and local community and Road Safety Week is an ideal opportunity to raise awareness.”

Balfour Beatty Connect Roads toured the country with its mascot Ron the Road Worker and his road safety message; Watch out for me! Events were held at each of its five operational roads, from Glasgow to Exeter. Over 600 ice-scrapers and 165 LGV safety packs were handed out. There were road workers on hand to explain their jobs and safety concerns. 645 road safety pledges were made by the public. Watch this space for 2011’s video safety pledges!

Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions (BBUS) conducted employee road safety workshops across the country in seven key locations. It used the workshops to continue its roll out of the RiskMaster programme (a driver screening process that risk scores each driver) and to remind all drivers of winter driving techniques. BBUS also held a focus day looking at road traffic collisions. Seventy people from across all areas and from every level of the business attended the event and were encouraged to discuss all aspects of the road traffic journey as well as suggest how the business might address the issues raised. Brake volunteer Nova Storey, who has been bereaved by a crash, gave a guest speech.

Balfour Beatty Plant & Fleet Services visited five secondary schools in and around Derby to deliver its Bertie workshop to children aged 11 and 12 to increase their awareness about road safety. The one-day programme was led by Martin (Nobby) Clark who said: “The aim of Bertie is to raise road safety awareness and highlight shared responsibility in a worse-case scenario on the roads. The core message is that it's the small things we do or don’t do that make a big difference.”

Barhale delivered Driver Safety Road shows internally focusing on key topics including winter driving and drugs and alcohol. The road shows included interactive sessions with a driving tuition company, Drive with Direction, who focused on the headline theme “Kids Say Slow Down” and educated employees about safe stopping distances.

Bedfords Transport launched a new initiative through their road safety scheme ‘Beddy’. Beddy said “don’t speed” and urged Yorkshire drivers to stick within speed limits for the duration of the week and into the future. Steff Pfadenhauer said: “We wanted Yorkshire drivers to show their support for RSW by sticking to the speed limit. The Beddy initiative is an on-going campaign to educate children and can also encourage drivers to think about the dangers of speeding.”

Brigade Electronics took a lorry into Manor Community Primary School in Swanscombe to demonstrate drivers’ blind spots when behind the wheel of a vehicle and teach children to stay away from large vehicles. Brigade Electronics ran other activities on the day including a sound trial to teach children the sound of the Brigade’s new ‘white sound’ reversing alarms, which makes a distinctive “ssh ssh” sound. Tom Brett said “Brigade Electronics is a pioneer in reversing safety and we believe it is important to ensure that the next generation understand the dangers of large vehicles.”

British Telecommunications re-launched its family and friends road safety program, based on the online One More Second module, to coincide with Road Safety Week for the fifth consecutive year. It has has been accessed by over 4,000 people so far.

Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd took a delivery van into local schools around East Kilbride during Road Safety Week. They focused on raising awareness about the need to reduce speed limits outside schools and taught crucial life saving messages to children. Drew Russell said: “We’re proud to be backing this important campaign to make our roads safer for children.”

DHL Supply Chain worked with children from St Mary's school in Edlington to demonstrate drivers’ blind spots when behind the wheel of a vehicle and to teach children to stay away from large vehicles. Pete Denton said: “The day was extremely well received and we plan to continue to deliver similar events in the future.”

Driver Hire engaged their franchises in the importance of slowing down outside schools by writing a road safety article for their newsletter, putting information on their website and encouraging franchises across the UK to put up posters to engage drivers in road safety. Richard Owen-Hughes said “At Driver Hire, we work hard to promote road safety to our staff within all our franchises.”

Interactive Driving Systems launched four road safety week communications to all its key contacts during the week, focusing on Winter Driving, hit While Parked Collisions (including a free detailed research report and guidance), friends and family road safety and the EU ‘On the move for safer roads in Europe’ initiative.

Iron Mountain visited six primary schools across the UK to deliver creative road safety lessons. Key education points included tips about staying safe on the road while walking at night and children received goodie bags containing useful road safety materials. Rory Morgan said: “We are proud to be backing this important campaign to make roads safer for children. We hope that by using creative and interactive lessons we have successfully spread simple but vital messages to children across the UK.”

Kwik Fit Insurance supported the week in conjunction with their onsite nursery “Little Fitters”. The nursery is based in a business park with lots of fast traffic. In line with this year’s theme, kids were asked to design a poster reminding staff at all the businesses on site to remember to slow down. Kwik Fit Insurance produced the poster and a handful of children visited companies around the park and delivered the posters, asking them to post them on their staff room walls. All the companies they visited were very impressed and pledged to slow down.

Lafarge 30 people from Lafarge in Syston, Leicester, donned dayglow garb as part of Brake’s Bright day campaign. Staff wore weird and wacky colourful clothing to work and donated £1 each to Brake. Heather Ankers said: “One of our team has just started to cycle into work so she was keen for us to do something and of course as a quarrying company we have lots of big trucks out there so road safety is always at the forefront of our minds.”

Microsoft supported Road Safety Week by holding a speed awareness day including prevention awareness and the consequences of speed. The event was designed for all employees with various exhibitors attending including the local police. The local fire brigade also provided a live demonstration of an extraction from a car following a crash. Lisa Manganelli said: “At Microsoft we are passionate about spreading the word in relation to car fleet safety. It is vital to interact with drivers, getting them to think about the risks associated with driving and to understand the consequences.”

Hudgell Solicitors supported Brake by sponsoring the ‘resources page’ on the RSW website, by donating advertising space to Brake at Leeds United’s Elland Road stadium and by creating a Brake advertisement to run on the ground’s big screen. Neil Hudgell said: “Like Brake, our first priority is to promote road safety and prevent crashes on the roads.”

Northgate created a viral campaign called “Message Undelivered" about the danger of using a mobile phone when driving. The 30 second video, shows a van driver texting while driving and the devastating consequences of his behaviour. Click here to view. Gareth Jones says: “We’re proud to be backing this important campaign to make our roads safer for children. At Northgate we work hard to promote road safety to our customers and the local community, so Road Safety Week is an ideal opportunity to educate drivers of the dangers of using devices such as mobile phones whilst driving.”

Royal Mail ran several initiatives for RS Week 2010 including school visits to showing kids blind spots on larger commercial vehicles, trials of driver OneToOne system implemented around the country and the implementation of a national work time listening and learning session arranged with drivers to discuss Road Safety Week.

Specsavers stores across the country raised awareness about road safety by offering free vision screening to local drivers and businesses to help them ensure their eyesight is fit for the road. Many also ran a Bright day, where Specsavers staff donated money to Brake and swopped their uniforms for their most brightly coloured clothes, to raise awareness of the need to ‘be bright, be seen’ when walking and cycling. Dame Mary Perkins says: ‘Getting our stores involved in Road Safety Week means we can help drivers ensure their vision is up to scratch. We can also get life-saving messages across to lpeople about how to make our roads safer."

Suckling Transport sent all employees a road quiz. For every completed copy £1 was donated to Brake. Employees who successfully answered every question right were entered into a prize draw. Booklets regarding road safety were also sent to every employee to raise awareness. Suckling Transport also ran a Bright day for Brake and staff dressed up brightly and donated money to the charity. Some employees' children coloured in posters and came to head office to show off their posters and receive prizes for their efforts.

Wolseley undertook several initiatives during the week, including circulating its Monthly Essential Safety Theme to all its locations focusing on ‘Vehicle Safety’, accompanied by posters from Brake; ran Safety Training in Local Schools with all pupils attending the training signing Brake’s petition lobbying for 20mph zones around schools and homes; Tyre & windscreen checks at its head offices; held safety steering group meetings; Speed limit signage being reinforced at sites; a ‘Dress down’ day with proceeds going to Brake; its Online driver assessment reminders being sent to both Company Car and Commercial Vehicle drivers.

Wttl visited local schools to raise awareness about the dangers for young pedestrians and cyclists near large vehicles. Instructors started the session with a classroom presentation explaining the dangers of "blind spots". Then the children were taken out into the playground to experience the view from the driver's seat of a safely parked truck. Each young "driver" had to try to spot their classmates, strategically placed around the articulated vehicle. Nigel Robinson said "Hopefully the enjoyment of the practical session will reinforce a message that will help the group stay safe when interacting with these larger vehicles."

Yodel took a lorry into four different schools around Oldham to teach children about the blind spots from the driver’s perspective and to raise awareness about the dangers of cycling around lorries. Steve Love said: “At Yodel, making some 200 million parcel deliveries per year across the country, we work hard to promote road safety. We hope to spread the message that we all have a part to play in preventing road crashes and in making roads more family-friendly.”