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What companies did in RSW05

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rsw_06_directlineDirect Line spreads the road safety message
As well as being headline sponsors of Road Safety Week 2005, insurance company Direct Line sponsored five banners. These carried messages about slowing down where children are likely to be about on foot and bike and statistics on child pedestrian and cyclist deaths and injuries. They were displayed at five great locations around the UK: Clapham Junction Station in London; Campian Catholic High School in Liverpool; The Road Safety Centre in Cardiff; Glasgow Transport Museum; University of Central England. Emma Holyer, PR Manager for Direct Line says: “Direct Line fully supports the work that Brake does in organising Road Safety Week. We are a key sponsor of the week and encourage other companies and communities to get involved as much as they can. As the UK’s largest car insurer we see the effects of dangerous driving on a daily basis and cannot reiterate to drivers enough how important it is from them to drive safely and take care at all times.”

rsw_05_bovisBovis Homes spreads road safety messages among employees and Kent community
Kent construction company Bovis Homes handed out road safety reminder cards to its employees and customers, including advice to drivers to always drive below speed limits. The company, which has 500 office-based employees, sent out email reminders to staff throughout the week on a range of key road safety topics, including driver tiredness, not drinking and driving and not driving when tired. The company also made tyre tread indicators and road safety leaflets available to staff and put up road safety posters in its offices. Employees were invited to enter a road safety quiz, with a winning prize of a car safety pack which included essential items such as de-icer, a warning triangle and visi-vest. In some regions, staff from local offices also visited schools to give talks on road safety. Bovis PR manager Emma Johnson said: “Road Safety Week was something that all our staff were interested in getting involved with. The majority of our employees drive, so they learnt things they could take on board in their everyday lives as well as increasing awareness of Brake.” 2005 was the first year that Bovis had been involved with Road Safety Week, but Emma said the events were well received by the staff. “Email is a great way of getting messages across to people, but also by running a quiz we were encouraging people to think about their answers and hopefully reinforcing the messages a bit more,” Emma said. Bovis plan to carry on supporting Brake to help reduce these tragedies. Emma said: “I think Brake is a fantastic charity and we are looking to work with them more generally in 2006. Many of our developments are in communities and small villages with roads in between the developments and the whole purpose of the Week is about keeping everybody safe on roads.”

rsw_05_cadburyCadbury takes truck into school to educate children on road safety
Representatives from Cadbury Trebor Bassett took a delivery van to local primary school Sacred Hear Junior & Infants to talk to the pupils about the dangers traffic can pose. They showed them the hazards associated with large vehicles and pointed out why blind spots can mean that children might not always be seen by drivers. While at the school they invited pupils to take part in a road safety themed painting competition with prizes for the winners. The paintings have been made into a calendar, which is being put on sale with the proceeds being split equally between the school and Brake. Cadbury Trebor Bassett health & safety manager Paul Williams said: “By going into the school, we really felt that we were involved with educating the children about road safety. The children were very responsive and showed just how interested they were by joining in a question and answer session. Even simple things, like just showing them the size of the wheels on a van - which were nearly as tall as they were - really made an impression on them.” The company, which is based at Bourneville in Birmingham and employs approximately 5,000 people, also helped raise awareness of child pedestrian safety issues in the area by sponsoring three Road Safety Week banners - at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Bristol Royal Infirmary and Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield. Cadbury Trebor Bassett has been supporting Brake for over three years and became a Corporate Sponsor in 2004. Paul said: “We will certainly be sponsoring banners again next year and will still be involved with Sacred Heart Junior & Infants School, organising events with them for Road Safety Week 2006 - and hopefully with some other local schools as well.”

rsw_05_christianChristian Salvesen promotes RSW05
The company, which has around 8,700 UK employees, displayed posters and handed out road safety reminder cards including advice to drivers to always keep below speed limits. The company also sponsored a Road Safety Week banner with the message ‘Watch out there’s a kid about! Slow down around schools and homes’ which was displayed outside music venue the Roadmember Club in Northampton throughout the week. Planning and operations support director of Christian Salvesen, Neil Cottam, said: ‘We were pleased to support Brake during Road Safety Week 2005 and hope that by taking part we managed to educate our drivers and help make Britain’s roads safer.’ Neil said Christian Salvesen would certainly be one of the companies taking part in the next Road Safety Week. ‘We will continue to support Brake and the work it does to improve road safety and will definitely be getting involved in Road Safety Week 2006,’ he said.

rsw_05_northgateNorthgate gets involved in RSW
Northgate uses the internet to raise road safety awareness among employees Darlington-based vehicle rental company Northgate plc publicised Road Safety Week through poster displays at its headquarters and messages on its intranet. It focused on a different topic each day, such as the dangers of speeding and the importance of wearing seat belts, and encouraged employees to sign Brake’s Pledge to Drive Safely. Northgate also sponsored a free information sheet for companies that run fleets of vehicles on the topic of winter driving. This sheet was written and produced by the Fleet Safety Forum, a division of Brake.

Phil Moorhouse, managing director of Northgate plc, said: “The work that Brake does in educating people about road safety is absolutely fantastic. Northgate are proud to be a part of this work. Through communicating road safety advice to our employees and customers we will hopefully be able to make a big difference and help to keep Britain’s road safer.”

Northgate plc, which has 1,800 UK employees, plans to continue to be a local ambassador for road safety by continuing to communicate safety messages to drivers and encourage its customers to slow down in communities to protect our children. Phil said: “Northgate plc are looking forward to working with Brake throughout 2006. Many of our customers request road safety information from us, which we have produced in association with Brake. Information we have produced includes road safety and duty of care guides. By working with Brake and producing information like this we hope to spread the word on how people can be safer on the roads.”

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