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Aaron Britt, 16, Mansfield

britt aaron 1Aaron Britt, 16, from Mansfield, died in hospital after he was knocked down by a speeding driver outside his college on 3 October 2011.

Aaron was walking from college to meet his mum at about 5.15pm. He crossed from one side of the 30mph limit road outside his college onto the central reservation; as he continued to the other side he was struck by a car. Aaron hit the bonnet and windscreen and was thrown up and over the car, travelling 33 metres through the air before coming to rest on the road. He suffered serious head injuries and paramedics took him to hospital where he died shortly after midnight on 4 October. The driver was estimated by police forensics to have been travelling at between 35 and 46mph, but the CPS decided not to prosecute.

Aaron had just started a BTECH extended diploma in IT and hoped to become a computer game designer. Sue Britt, Aaron’s mother, is supporting Road Safety Week and urges drivers to slow down to 20mph around homes, shops and schools.

Sue Britt, Aaron’s mum, said: “Aaron was our only son and we feel empty without him. He was an exceptional young lad; he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life and had set about making it happen. I urge drivers to slow down to 20mph or less where people are so you have time to stop if someone steps out. Simply making a commitment to slow down will mean you’re helping to make roads safer, and it could prevent more people losing their lives needlessly, and other families going through the pain and heartache we have. Aaron was kind and thoughtful and did not deserve to die for making a mistake.”

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