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Road Safety Officers - get involved!

Brake places great value on its partnerships with local authority road safety units. Equally, road safety units who participate in the Week find that linking their activities to a national event helps them achieve their strategic publicity objectives.

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Sonya Hurt 150x150"Reducing road crashes and collisions is a year-round challenge for road safety professionals, but Road Safety Week provides a specific focal point – an opportunity to grab the attention of the media and the wider community. The theme for Road Safety Week 2018 is particularly pertinent – cyclists and powered two wheeler riders are among the most vulnerable road users, and making their journeys safer is a priority. Road Safety GB encourages road safety teams – and other stakeholders – to take full advantage of the opportunity that Road Safety Week 2018 provides."Sonya Hurt, chair, Road Safety GB

Make a noise

RSW18 getting involvedThis year's theme of Bike Smart gives you the platform to promote the great work you already do or launch a brand-new initiative or campaign with partner agencies to raise awareness about the importance of protecting those on two wheels. Your local authority can be Bike Smart by implementing a safe systems approach, mandating lifesaving technology and prioritising cycle friendly infrastructure. Or help drivers be Bike Smart by looking out for those on two wheels, driving safely and slowly and giving bike riders plenty of space. Or help young cyclists and motorcyclists be Bike Smart through safe riding behaviours and appropriate training and equipment.

Whatever you’re planning for Road Safety Week, make sure you let others know about it! There will be plenty of graphics and tools for social media in your action pack, but also use our we're taking part (yn Gymraeg) and we ♥ Road Safety (yn Gymraeg) posters to start the conversations now.

Why not: promote participation to colleagues, local groups and educators by using our e-flyers? You can use these on social media or through bulletins too. You can also print them off and put them on display.
Download: get involved poster (yn Gymraeg); educator poster  (yn Gymraeg); road safety professional poster.

Work with the media

Road Safety Week T shirt large

Road Safety Week is a national event, which means local journalists are more likely to run stories about an initiative or event if it is associated with the Week. For this reason, road safety officers often plan press releases and photo calls, sometimes in partnership with other agencies like enforcement and health agencies.

To help you brand a photo call, Brake provides low-cost promotional resources, including balloons, t-shirts and posters. We can customise these with your branding if you let us know in advance.

Brake co-ordinates regional media launches in cities across the UK, usually in partnership with local agencies such as RSOs, police, fire services and schools. Please contact us on 01484 559909 to discuss what media events we have in the pipeline and to work in partnership with us on planning them.

Display a Road Safety Week banner

RSW18 banner widget3Brake can arrange for banners to be displayed in city and town centres in the run-up to Road Safety Week. In the past, this has included banners at the London Transport Museum, Leeds Town Hall, Birmingham New Street Station and many others.

Banner sponsorship is available to local authorities for a heavily-discounted rate. Banners measure 5m x 1m and include a road safety message, Road Safety Week logo and the sponsor’s logo.

View this year's designs or contact Sheridan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

Why not: team up with other road safety professionals and split the cost? Most designs have plenty of room for partner organisation logos too and you can display them at various sites. 

Activities with schools

llanharanPrimary025smRoad Safety Week is held in November to enable teachers to plan for the Week at the start of the autumn term, and to emphasise road safety at a time when evenings are getting darker and more dangerous for children on foot.

Brake promotes Road Safety Week to educators through an email flyer, distributed by local education authorities and a range of partner agencies. Educators are encouraged to visit this website and order a free online action pack, containing downloadable resources, teaching tips and guidance for running road safety activities.

Many road safety teams help promote activities for nurseries, schools and colleges, such as Beep Beep! Days for kids aged 2 to 7, and Wear Your Stripes Days, which is a fundraiser for children who dress like our mascot Zak the Zebra. For more information, contact our education team on 01484 550061.

We also encourage educators to contact their local road safety officer for information on school travel plans, pedestrian and cyclist training, and road engineering issues. Read our information for educators.

Continue the story

There are plenty of opportunities to continue learning and promoting road and bike safety beyond Road Safety Week. Take a look at the Brake website or attend one of these Road Safety GB events:

Read about what road safety professionals did for Road Safety Week in 2017 and 2016.

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