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Interactive resources

To help you raise awareness about road safety, we have a variety of interactive resources for you to try.

We are currently developing new games and videos to support the 2018 theme of Bike Smart. In the meantime, you may find the below links useful.


SLOW: Watch our No need to speed explanimation video or watch Avril's story (for adult and young drivers)

SLOW: Play our stopping distance calculator game or test yourself with our Go20 quiz.

SOBER: Listen to five characters talk about drinking, drug use and driving

SOBER: Calculate how different drinks affect your blood-alcohol level, courtesy of the Morning After drink-drive campaign

SECURE: Take the seat belt challenge! (a game for Key Stage 1 kids)

SILENT: Find the distractions in our game for all ages, Driven to distraction!

SHARP: Raise awareness of how poor vision makes driving dangerous

SUSTAINABLE: Encouraging everyone to make our streets safer, more pleasant places by driving less, living more



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