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Road safety assembly

Holding a whole-school assembly with a road safety theme is a great way to engage kids.

Our 2016 Road Safety Week action pack contains four assemblies for Key Stages 1 and 2 that tie in with this year’s Road Safety Week theme, Make the Brake Pledge. For schools, we have adapted the adult Pledge into the children’s Promise, based on the Promise points Slow, Seatbelt, Silent, See and Save our planet.

Assembly themes

Slow – Is fast, heavy traffic a problem around your school? How does that make the children feel? How can we tell drivers to slow down? This assembly helps children think about road safety campaigning and how they can bring about change for the better in their community.

Seatbelt & Silent – Deepen your children’s understanding of personal safety as a passenger in a car.

See – It’s easy to get distracted in the street by friends, tablets, phones, shop windows. Test your children’s powers of observation, and reinforce their understanding of how to cross roads safely.

Save our planet – Three children in every classroom suffer from asthma. A third of children are overweight or obese. This assembly allows you to discuss road safety in environmental and health terms: What are the drawbacks of cars? How can we get around without driving? Why are other types of transport good for us and for the planet?