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Drive less, live more sources

See our interactive map for results for your local authority.

Statistics for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the English regions are available here.

About the statistics

CO2 emissions:

Source: Local authority carbon dioxide emissions estimates 2012, Department of Energy & Climate Change, 2014

% Drive to work and % Cycle to work (England and Wales):

Source: 2011 Census Analysis, Method of Travel to Work in England and Wales, Office for National Statistics, 2013

% Drive to work and % Cycle to work (Scotland):

Source: Scotland's Census 2011, Data Warehouse (Table DC7101SC - Method of travel to work by sex by age), National Records of Scotland, 2015

% Inactive (England):  

Source: Public Health Outcomes Framework, Public Health England, 2015

Additional deaths due to particulate pollution

Source:Estimating Local Mortality Burdens Associated with Particulate Air Pollution, Public Health England, 2014


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