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Look out for each other: support the campaign

RSW14logo2Our Road Safety Week campaign appeals to everyone to look out for each other on roads, because being selfish can lead to tragedy. We’re particularly calling on drivers to protect people on foot and bike by going 20 or below in communities, looking longer and taking it slow at junctions and bends, and giving people plenty of room.

We all use roads and most of us use them in different ways: often a mix of walking, catching the bus or driving, and maybe cycling, running or skating too. Of course, we are all people just trying to get about, but some road users are more vulnerable and need protecting by those in charge of vehicles. 

Yet sometimes it can feel like roads are angry places where different road users are in different tribes competing for space. A lack of care by drivers can have awful consequences. It can mean people feel less able to get out and about, kids are not allowed to walk to school, commuters don’t feel able to cycle, families are more inclined to use the car. It can also lead to tragedy: people suffering horrific injuries or even being killed because of someone going too fast, too close or not looking out.

Wouldn’t it be better if, instead of being stressful and risky, streets were places where everyone looked out for and protected each other, particularly the most vulnerable?

Here’s how you can join the thousands of schools, communities and companies supporting Road Safety Week, to help prevent the five deaths and 61 serious injuries that happen daily on UK roads:

pledge1  Make the Brake Pledge
It’s a six point pledge that anyone can make to keep themselves and other safes on the road. Once you’ve made the Pledge encourage others to do the same online, or with a print-out form or email template.
 rswposter Use our free posters
Download free posters from the Brake shop and display in your school, college, workplace or community to promote the ‘look out for each other’ message. Use our GO 20 toolkit to urge drivers to go 20 or below in towns.
 tweet Speak out on social media
Tweet your support using #RoadSafetyWeek. If you are running activities for the Week, tweet us photos and info about what you’re doing using this hashtag.
 goodwill Ask your MP to support Road Safety Week
Ask your MP to sign an early day motion in support of Road Safety Week, and encourage them to support Brake’s campaign for 20mph limits.
donate Give to Brake
Donate to Brake to support our year-round work campaigning for safer roads and providing vital support to bereaved and injured victims. Use our JustGiving page or text 70070 with ROAD01 followed by the amount (e.g. ROAD01 £10).
mouse Follow us
Stay in touch with Brake and our campaigns on TwitterFacebook, or by signing up to our fortnightly bulletin.

Find out more about the campaign, including national and regional statistics and calls for action, in our newsroom.

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