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Rick Bale

RSW14-RichardBale-withmumOlwenandsisterKimberleyRick Bale, 24, from Aberdeen, was run over and killed when crossing the street with his girlfriend, Elaine Gordon, also from Aberdeen, in the early hours of Saturday 27 January 2007.

Driver Shaun Jappy, 21, from Montrose, ploughed into them as they were crossing. Rick suffered head and chest injuries and died later in hospital. Elaine also suffered injuries, the effects of which she lives with to this day.

Rick was known as the life and soul of the party, but he was also very hard working. He had been to university and gone on to achieve a post-graduate qualification.

Keith Skinner, Rick's friend, says: "Life changed after Rick's death. It was completely devastating. Rick was such a kind, loyal and generous person; it just shouldn't have happened to him. The shock is unimaginable. I miss him so much. This Road Safety Week, I am calling on all drivers to look out for vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists on the roads."

Olwen Bale, Rick's mother, says: "Rick's death ruined my life. My husband died a year before of cancer, and Rick became my rock. He was my best friend as well as my son. He became a father figure to his sisters. I just felt numb after his death. I spent a year in limbo, unable to contemplate what had happened. This Road Safety Week, I am asking everyone to think about the consequences of their actions behind the wheel, and look out for each other on the roads. In particular, I'm asking drivers to slow down to 20mph in communities, look twice and take it slow at junctions and bends, and watch out for pedestrians and cyclists."

Picture: Rick with mum Olwen and sister Kimberley.

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