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Madison Collingwood-Prince

RSW14-MadisonCollingwoodPrince-2Madison Collingwood-Prince, from Rustington, West Sussex, was two years old when she was crushed in her buggy by a driver who mounted the kerb on 29 April 2004. Madi was taken to hospital and fortunately survived. She is now 12 years old. However, she has since undergone eight subsequent operations, suffered brain damage, and requires ongoing care.

Madi still has to have regular treatment to help her cope with her severe injuries. Securing compensation has also been difficult; it is only in the last year that Madi's family are in a position to fund a structured rehab programme.

Madison's Mum, Amanda Collingwood-Prince, is urging drivers to slow down and look out for pedestrians and cyclists this Road Safety Week. She says: "Madi was so lucky to survive this catastrophic crash but she still has to face the consequences of her injuries. Before the crash it was just me and my two girls; we were all happy and laughed all the time. It took five minutes for one person to destroy that and completely change all our lives. It's not something that can be mended, or something that time will heal. It's something that will impact us all as individuals and as a family for the rest of our lives. It has strained relationships and caused many subsequent dilemmas and problems within our family. Please, before you get in a car, think: am I aware of pedestrians around me, and doing all I can to protect them? One minute of distraction or carelessness or driving too fast has the ability to destroy many lives. Is that something you could live with? I know I couldn't."

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