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Educator and community activities 2014

Here are a few of the ways emergency services and local authorities got involved in Road Safety Week 2014.

ARK Rose Primary Academy pupils and parents received road safety advice when fire fighters from Kings Norton Fire Station visited them during Road Safety Week. The pupils learned about how the fire service also help rescue people from road traffic collisions. The fire fighters also called on drivers to lower their speed to 20mph when driving near schools and in built up areas.

Rising Stars Day Nursery ran a Beep Beep! Day as part of Road Safety Week, with more than 30 children learning about road safety and taking important messages home to their parents. They ran a range of activities using resources and guidance from Brake. To make sure that all the children were in correctly fitted child restraints they gave out information about child seats to parents after measuring the children's height.

Brainy Bike Lights ran a competition to encourage cyclists to showBrainy Bike Lights their support of Road Safety Week. They encouraged cyclists to tweet photos of themselves holding signs either supporting the theme of 'look out for each other' and what road users could do to protect others on the road, or explaining why they enjoy cycling. Brainy Bike Lights gave away five of their bike lights to the winners of the competition that were announced at the end of Road Safety Week.

Buttercup Lane Childminders ran Beep Beep! Day activities throughout Road Safety Week and promoted them on their Twitter account. They baked traffic light biscuits using a recipe from Brake, teamed up with their local lollipop lady to help children walk to school safely, and highlighted the issue of vehicles parking on yellow zig zags outside schools.

Bradfield College campaigned for safer roads in their local community by buying four of Brake's Road Safety Week banners on themes including driving at 20mph in urban areas around schools, homes and shops.

Larbert Day Nursery ran a Beep Beep! Day in Road Safety Week.Nov2014 015 As part of the day the 40 children taking part looked at photos and story books about road safety. The children made their own road signs and speed signs in play dough, focussing on this year's theme of the need for drivers to look out for each other by slowing down to protect children on foot and bike. Larbert Day Nursery also invited the police to attend their event and speak to the children about road safety.

Childminders in Derbyshire ran a Beep Beep! Day at their local childminding group with childminders coming together to run one big event. They took the children on supervised walks to see zebra and pelican crossings and learn about traffic danger. The children also made car track prints in paint and made collages of roads and vehicles. They also made traffic light biscuits to sell and raise money for Brake.

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