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About Road Safety Week

What is Road Safety Week?

Road Safety Week is the UK's biggest road safety event, coordinated annually by Brake, the road safety charity.

Road Safety Week aims to inspire thousands of schools, organisations and communities to take action on road safety and promote life-saving messages during the Week and beyond. It also provides a focal point for professionals working in road safety to boost awareness and engagement in their work.

Every year we choose a different road safety theme to focus on. The theme for 2020 is NO NEED TO SPEED. You can find out more about why we chose this theme and why speed matters when it comes to road safety here.

You can base your activities on our theme, or choose to focus on any other road safety issue that's important in your area.

What is Brake?

Brake is a road safety charity that supports people affected by road crashes and campaigns for safe and healthy mobility for all. At Brake we believe that everyone has the right to make safe and healthy journeys. For more about our work, visit the Brake website.

When did Road Safety Week begin?

Brake, the road safety charity, founded Road Safety Week in 1997 as an annual event to raise awareness about road safety and promote steps that everyone can take to stop these needless deaths and injuries year-round.

Who takes part in Road Safety Week?

All sorts of people get involved – nurseries, schools, youth clubs, army bases, community campaigners, employers, sports clubs, fire officers, police services, local authorities, paramedics, driving instructors .... and we would love YOU to join forces with us and make a difference to road safety in your area!

For further information, see our pages for Communities, Educators, Employers and Road safety professionals.

How can I get involved?

Your involvement could be as simple as shouting out about road safety using the selfie props or posters in your action pack. Or you could make a bigger splash by teaming up with others in your area to launch a local campaign or run an event or roadshow promoting safer road use.

For inspiration, you can read about how people got involved in previous years or take a look at our latest evaluation report.

You could also use the Week to support Brake's work by fundraising or making a donation.

But Road Safety Week is your week, so what you do is your choice! We love to see the different ways and creative ideas people use to spread vital life-saving messages in their community.

Do you have resources to help us run our event?

Everyone who registers to take part in Road Safety Week will get access to a free action pack, full of ideas and resources to help you get involved.

The Brake shop contains free and low-cost items to help promote road safety, including selfie props and wheelie bin stickers.

You can also spread awareness in your community by buying a giant Road Safety Week banner to display outside your community group, school or organisation.

If you need more advice about taking part in Road Safety Week, contact our friendly team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How is Road Safety Week funded?

Road Safety Week is funded by the Department for Transport and commercial sponsors. See our supporters page for further details.

How can I fundraise or make a donation?

Our supporters’ fundraising efforts and kind donations make a huge difference to the work that we do. We are grateful for every penny that we receive – Brake’s supporters enable the charity to help people bereaved and injured in road crashes through our accredited freephone helpline, as well as campaign for change and engage a variety of audiences in road safety.

To read more about fundraising, visit our Fundraise for Brake! page.

To read more about donating, visit our Donate page.

How is Brake’s fundraising regulated?

Brake is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and abides by its Fundraising Promise. Brake is a member of the Institute of Fundraising and abides by its Code of Practice.

To read more about Brake’s fundraising promise, fundraising complaints policy, gift acceptance policy and working with vulnerable supporters, visit the Fundraising FAQ page on the Brake website.

Can I send you feedback?

Of course you can! We’re always delighted to hear what activities you ran for Road Safety Week and how they went, and to receive photos and clips (with appropriate permissions secured) of your events.

We really appreciate all your feedback, which helps us to make the next Road Safety Week an even bigger success. Thank you for making our roads safer and our communities more pleasant.

Please email us with feedback, photos, questions and suggestions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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